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With our service we are offering scans which will allow you to scan your files with 60 different Antiviruses. With this service, no installation is need what so ever. Everything is done with our site and servers.


We respect our members privacy, therefor we do not distribute, what so ever. PERIOD. Countless of times users proven that we do not distribute, so what are you waiting for?


As all RazorSoft Products, Razorscanner offers High-Quality scans and with an affordable price range. We have always offered great service, and the outcome of happy customers has made us decide to continue this great service.

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How much would it cost you to buy 60 different Antiviruses?
And how much time and effort would it take to actually install all of these antiviruses? Exactly! A lot! Here at RazorScanner it is possible to simply scan each and every single file with all of the antiviruses we offer! So, you will spare time, work and a lot of money.
And this is why all RazorSoft products are great and affordable. We like to keep it simple and cheap. We do not want to earn by overpricing our service. Other pages offer the same service, but with a much higher price. With our Scanner, you are able to scan without any errors, you will simply get what you paid for. Again, what are you waiting for? Join us Today for amazing prices and no worries!

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